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Incoming St Celestine Buffs:
* 200pts, comes with her 2 Geminae Superia included.
* 5wounds, up from 3 otherwise her statline is the same.. AND SHE HAS ETERNAL WARRIOR!!! (technically she doesn’t have the Shield of Faith special rule any more, and neither do the Geminae, but Celestine gets Adamantium Will to make up for it)
* The Ardent Blade now has the Armourbane rule, otherwise the same.
* Celestine gets a once per game Orbital Barrage called The Emperor’s Vengeance! Range Unlimited, S8, AP3, Assault 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Orbital.
* Geminae Superia are WS5, BS4, S3, T3, I4, 2W, 2A, 3+ Armour
* Celestine can join units along with her Geminae!!
* Geminae have Divine Guardian rule. This gives them a 4+ Invuln, and whilst any of them are alive all wounds against Celestine are resolved against the closest Geminae instead!
* Healing Tears: At the start of each of your turns, set up a single slain Geminae anywhere within 2″ of Celestine! Looks like mum isn’t the only one who can come back from the dead!
* Miraculous Intervention is unchanged from the ebook, other than that it specifies she can use Healing Tears to bring a Geminae back to life on the turn she ‘resurrects’
* Saintly Blessings: Celestine can give a 12″ radius buff to friendly non-vehicle Army of the Imperium units at the start of each of your turns. Each buff can only be used once per game, and affect units based on their Battlefield Role (independent chars get effected as long as they stay in the unit):
HQ Units: Zealot until the start of the next turn
Troops: FNP 6+ until the start of next turn. If models already have FNP, they get a +1 bonus to FNP instead…
Elites: Counter-Attack and Furious Charge until start of next turn
Fast Attack: Crusader and Fleet until start of next turn
Heavy Support: Relentless until start of next turn
Lord of War: It Will Not Die for the rest of the game.
In addition to all that, any army that contains Celestine (or is from a Wrathful Crusade formation or Castallens of the Imperium detachment) lets characters take items from the new Ecclesiarchy Relics list. Choices include a 35pt Eternal Warrior relic, 15pt S4 AP2 pistol that ignores invulnerable saves, a 35pt relic that gives a 4+ invuln save and stops Deep Strikes within 12″ (if they scatter within 12″, auto mishap!) and a 30pt Power Sword that on a pass Ld Test becomes S+2, AP2.

Triumvirate of the Imperium (Formation)
Belisarius Cawl, Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax.
Friendly Army of the Imperium units within 12″ of two or more Triumvirate models get Stubborn and auto-pass Pinning tests. If they are within 12″ of all 3 models they get Fearless instead (Geminae don’t count as models for this rule.
If one of the Triumvirate is the Warlord, then all 3 of the models get to use their Warlord Trait.

Conclave Acquisitorius (Formation)
Belisarius Cawl, 1-2 Battle Maniples or 1 War Cohort, 1 Holy Requistioner, 0-1 Cohort Cybernetica, 0-1 Numinous Conclave, 1-2 Imperial Knights or 1 Baronial Court
Everything gets Canticles of the Omnissiah
Each Character may upgrade one of their weapons (except relics) to have Master-Crafted
If the formation has the maximum number of units, everything gets Doctrina Imperitives

Wrathful Crusade (Formation)
Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax, 1 Space Marine Captain, 0-1 Sternguard, 2-4 Crusader Squads, 1-2 Assault Squads, 1 Militarum Tempestus Platoon. All Space Marine must have Black Templar Chapter Tactics
Everything gets Crusader
If the formation has the max number of units, everyone gets Zealot
All units can re-roll failed Charge rolls. If you roll 10 or more for your charge range, you get Furious Charge.

Grand Convocation Detachment:
Units can be drawn from Codex Astra Militarum, Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Agents, Imperial Knights or Skitarii. The available units are restricted to mainly the ones from Codex: Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus and Imperial Knights though. Enginseers are the only Guard unit you can take. You also must also include units from at least two different factions.
HQ: 2-4, Troops: 4+, Elites: 0-6, Fast Attack: 0-6, Heavy Support: 0-6, LoW: 0-3
All Vehicles get It Will Not Die. If they are within 12″ of any HQ from the detachment, they also get Power of the Machine Spirit
If the formation hast the max number of units (except troops, since you can take unlimited lol…) then everything gets Canticles of the Omnissiah
Warlord can re-roll Warlord Trait

Castellans of the Imperium Detachment
Units can be drawn from basically any Army of Imperium codex and their supplements. There’s literally big lists of units you can take for each slot, which at a quick glance seems to basically include everything besides unique characters (aside from Black Templar, Adepta Sororitas and Inquisition unique characters though, which can be taken. Pask and Yarrick too). Interestingly enough, Codex: Inquisition and Codex: Adepta Sororitas are listed alongside Codex: Imperial Agents as available sources. That should clear that debate right up. You also must also include units from at least two different factions.
HQ: 2-4, Troops: 4+, Elites: 0-6, Fast Attack: 0-6, Heavy Support: 0-6, LoW: 0-3
All units get Hatred. If you have the max number of units, except troops, everyone gets Zealot
Each time a Troops Choice is destroyed, roll a d6. On a 5+ an identical unit immediately goes into Ongoing Reserve, and counts as a unit from this detachment (so it can potentially be recycled again later)
Warlord can re-roll Warlord Trait

Arcana Mechanicum – Characters that can normally take a relic and are part of a Conclave Acquistorius Formation, Grand Concavaction Detachment or are in an army that includes Belsarius Cawl can take these:

Numinasta’s Casket of Electromancy (30pts) – Once per game, can fire this instead of another ranged weapon. Automatically targets and hits all enemy units (including Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures) within range, regardless of LoS. Range: 2d6″, S3, AP -, Assault 1, Haywire, One Use Only.

Quantum Annihilator (30pts) – Replaces a weapon. Range: 18″, S 2d6, AP2, Assault D3, Quantum Paradox – Each time it fires, roll 2d6 to determine strength after target unit has been chosen. If it rolls above 10, it wounds automatically with Instant Death rule (or is an auto Pen against vehicles)

Sacrifactum Autorepulsor (15pts) – Enemies charging the bearer or their unit suffer a -2 Charge Penalty that stacks with any other penalty

Memento-Mortispex (30pts) – At the start of each of your turns, choose a rule to apply to the bearer and their unit (or weapons as appropriate): Cognis Weapons (BS2 snapfire, Flamers do 3 hits rather than d3 with Wall of Death in overwatch), Monster Hunter, Skyfire or Tank Hunter

Omnissiah’s Grace (10pts) – Bearer has 6+ Invulnerable Save. If they already had an Invulnerable Save, they get a +1 to their Invulnerable to a max of 3+.

Saint Curia’s Autopurger (25pts) – Models charging the bearer and their unit do not get extra attacks for charging. All models that are locked in combat with the bearer and their unit must pass a Toughness test at I10 step, or suffer 1 Wound for each test failed (can take saves as normal).

Ecclesiarchy Relics – Characters that can normally take a relic and are part of a Wrathful Crusade Formation, Castellans of the Imperium Detachment or are in an army that includes Celestine can take one of these relics.

Skull of Petronella the Pious (30pts) – Bearer, and all models in a unit they join, have a 6+ Invuln.

Blade of the Worthy (30pts) – replaces a melee weapon. S User If they pass, the sword uses the second profile for the duration of the phase.

Castigator (15pts) – Range: 12″, S4, AP2, Pistol, Unstoppable Vengeance: Invulnerable saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by Castigator

The Font of Fury (10pts) – Once per game, the bearer can use this instead of another ranged weapon. Range: 8″, S3, AP-, Assault 1, Large Blast, Poison 4+, One Use Only, Bane of Evil: becomes Poison 2+ against enemy units with Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Demon or Khorne Demonkin faction

Shroud of the Anti-Martyr (35pts) – Bearer has Eternal Warrior

Desvalle’s Holy Circle (35pts) – Bearer has a 4+ Invulnerable. Enemy units cannot Deep-Strike within 12″ of the bearer. If they scatter within 12″ of the Bearer, they suffer an automatic Deep Strike Mishap.

HQ Choice, 200 points (that’s right he is that cheap and NOT a LOW!)

WS5 BS5 S5 T6 W5 I3 A3 LD10 2+ armour, 5++ invul (Refractor Field)

He may replace any Dominus in the formations from our codex. Cawl, Grayfax and Celestine may be taken as an HQ choice in a CAD or allied detachment for ANY Imperial Faction, no matter which faction those three actually come from. So yes, we could take Celestine etc. instead of a Dominus.

Arc-Claw-Thingy (“Bogengeißel”): Range:- S+1 AP4 Close Combat, Haywire, Master-crafted. Has a special rule that let’s you re-roll the result on the haywire chart.

Master-crafted Power Axe

Mechandrite Hive: Cawl does 2D6(!!) S4 Ap- attacks at Ini 10 if he is in close combat. Doesn’t grant an additional pile-in move. He also has a Dataspike, so potential 13 S4 AP- Ini 10 attacks, BEFORE he even starts to swing with his axe!

Scryerskull: At the start of your turn you can identify a mysterious objective anywhere on the map.

Solar-Atomiser: Range 12″, S10, AP1 Assualt D3, Master-Crafted, Melter

Special Rules:

Warlord Trait is the one that let’s him re-roll FNP rolls.

Special rule 1 (not gonna translate the German names for those): At the start of your turn, Cawl regains D3 wounds. Yep, no roll for this or anything, he just gets them back!
Canticles Of The Omnissiah

Canticles Of The Archmagos: Only work if Cawl is alive. Work just like the other Canticles but also influence any Imperial vehicles that are within 12″ of Cawl, even if they don’t have the canticles special rule.

Harmony Of Metallurgy

1-3 IWND

4-7 IWND. Roll two times for IWND instead of one time

8* IWND. Roll three times for IWND instead of one time (so any vehicle etc. could regain 3 wounds from this!)

Word Of Neutralisatoin

1-3 BS+1

4-7 BS+2

8+ BS+3 (so just like the Doctrinas but without any WS penalty and it even works on vehicles that aren’t Mechanicus)

Warhymn Of Badassitude (too lazy to look up the correct word)

1-3 6+ Invul save

4-7 5+ Invul Save

8+ 4+ Invul Save
The Great Convocation is that you have access to all units of the Mechanicum (Codex Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, as well as the Enginseer of the Codex Imperial Agents), with 2-4 HQ choices, 4+ choices 0-6 choices Elite, 0-6 choices Fast Attack, 0-6 choices Support, 0-3 choices Lord of Battles, and with good detachment bonuses: Agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus (all vehicles have “He is Invincible!”), Elect of the Omnimessie, Chœur Noosphérique.

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