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Сегодня фекшн фокус про людей с околонулевой стоимостью.

– Кто такие, чем знамениты?
Старая добрая Империя из ФБ, растерявшая куда-то магов, артиллерию и танки (правда, это всё всегда можно взять в союз). Когда остальные армии берут тем, что они или сильные, ловкие или многочисленные, люди всегда отличались строевой подготовкой, тактикой и манёвром, а также слаженностью в ближнем и дальнем бою.

– Зачем тащить за Просто-Людей?
Иногда ведь хочется поиграть и за самых обычных людей и показать всяким монстрам где раки зимуют. А вообще, Люди – сильная армия, где есть и хороший скрин из мечников, хорошие стрелки с арбалетами и ружьями и хорошие мобильные юниты, вроде пистольеров. Добавляем к этому артиллерию и можно врубать рок под крики врагов.

– Чем хороши в новой редакции?
Как и многие, хорошо стакаются с возможностью делать больше одной командной способности за ход. Новый командный трейт Battle-tested Veteran в начале каждой вашей геройской фазы даст вам 1 командное очко на 5+.
Куда тратить? Возьмём, например, 30 арбалетчиков. По базе они могут стрелять дважды, если стояли на месте, хитуют и вундят на 4+ и имеют овервотч. Неплохо. Теперь добавим приправы – способность генерала Hold the Line! и у нас уже 60 выстрелов на 3+ Посолим – способность генерала на грифоне Rousing Battle Cry – и мы уже хитуем на 2+. Ну и в конце добавим секретный ингридиент – артефакт Writ of Dominion – и мы уже и вундим тоже на 2+. Блюдо “Слёзы Врагов” готово!
Ещё Демигрифам и Грейтсвордам скинули цену, а если вы любите танки в союз, то и танку из Арсенала тоже.
На сдачу нам предлагают взглянуть на артефакт Gryph-feather Charm, который может неплохо зайти генералу на грифоне.

“Faction Focus: Free Peoples

Welcome to another instalment of Faction Focus! Today, were checking out the brave forces of the Free Peoples join us for a look at the lore, player insights from Warhammer expert Reecius and a particularly deadly combo you might want to try

The Mortal Realms are a hard place, and while the Stormcast Eternals have reclaimed vast swathes of these lands for Order, it is the sacrifice and hard work of the Free Peoples that ensures that they are held. From the local constabularies of city-states to vast and well funded mercenary armies and rebels and dissenters in the furthest reaches of the Mortal Realms, the Free Peoples march.

In battle, the Free Peoples draw strength not from natural might but from superb coordination, fighting in tightly drilled detachments that allow them to tackle foes that alone they would find insurmountable. It is not merely the spirit of cooperation that drives them on, however they are notoriously effective at range, scything through the ranks of Chaos Warriors with hails of crossbow fire or coordinated volleys from simple firearms.

Reece Reecius Robbins is a fixture on the US Tournament Scene, organising the Las Vegas Open and helping us playtest Warhammer 40,000. Reece is also a huge Free Peoples fan we caught up with him to learn more and grab some tactical tips

Warhammer Community: What attracted you to the Free Peoples?

Reece: I always love playing normal humans in settings with super-powered monstrosities, who undoubtedly go into conflicts assuming theyll win because theyre so powerful. The idea of a regular Joe going into battle with these behemoths armed with nothing more than a sharp stick and a big feather in his hat seems like real courage to me. Free Peoples win through determination and innovation despite overwhelming odds. And giant cannons. Those help a lot, too!

WarCom: What are your top tips for Free Peoples players?

Reece: The Free Peoples are actually a really strong faction. They have a tremendously efficient screen with Swordsmen, who give you incredible bang for your buck on defence. Couple this potent with offence in their artillery, and amazing firepower in their Battleline slots with Handgunners and Crossbowmen. Backed up by one of the best command abilities in the game Hold the Line! you have an extremely powerful core to your army. Sprinkle in a few units for grabbing objectives (I love Pistoliers for this!) and youre ready to rock.

Warhammer Community: What advice would you give to a new Free Peoples player?

Reece: Remember what theyre good at! The gods didnt bless the Free People with great strength or swiftness or even a full set of teeth in some cases, but they did give them gunpowder and by Sigmar, that counts for a lot! Form your screens, formulate a plan for controlling battleshock, line up the big guns behind them and smile as you blast holes through the biggest, baddest nasties the realms can throw at you!

The Free Peoples have had a good year as well as getting a set of new allegiance abilities in the Generals Handbook 2017 thatll be carrying over to this years edition, theyve also taken centre stage in several Malign Portents stories and we reckon that in the new edition, theyll be very popular on the tabletop, too.

Like several other armies, the Free Peoples will be seeing new mechanics for gaining command points added to their army in the new edition in this case, with the Battle-tested Veteran command trait. Keep your eye out for several of these in a set of free errata thatll be coming out alongside the new edition to ensure your army is ready for it!

When it comes to spending these extra command points, youll be able to pull off some really deadly combos by stacking your command abilities. Heres a simple but effective trick we really like

Start with 30 Freeguild Crossbowmen. These guys can shoot twice if they stay still, and hit and wound on 4s, as well as being able to shoot at anyone that charges them. Not bad, but not stellar thats where your command abilities come in.

With the Freeguild Generals Hold the Line! ability, youll be able to give these guys +1 to hit and to wound so youll be getting 60 shots, hitting and wounding on 3s. Pretty solid but theres more.

Add in the Freeguild General on Griffons Rousing Battle Cry, and youll be getting another +1 to hit, not to mention a nifty Bravery bonus. This allows you to hit on 2s, while we can get a further +1 to wound in there with the Writ of Dominion artefact.

Thats 60 attacks, hitting and wounding on 2s and youll get to use them again for free against anyone that tries to charge you. Not bad!

These kinds of interlocking combos have always been the core of Free Peoples armies, and theyll be better than ever in the new edition. There are some awesome changes beyond just new tricks to try, too both Greatswords and Demigryphs have seen a points reduction, while if you want to add some Ironweld Arsenal allies, so has the mighty Steam Tank!

Weve also just previewed the rules for adding artefacts of the realms to your army, and there are loads which are going to be superb for Free Peoples armies. The Gryph-feather Charm isnt just a thematically fitting choice for a Freeguild General on Gryphon, but a pretty powerful one too:

We havent even gotten into what you can do when you start factoring in endless spells from an allied Wizard”

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